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Comedy TV Series the unicorn was released in 2020-11-12 by CBS Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Walton Goggins, Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Omar Benson Miller, Maya Lynne Robinson, Ruby Jay. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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It’s very difficult to convey how I was worried about the characters for all 12 seasons. Each of them was transformed and became completely different. Sheldon is no longer afraid of germs and is ready to show his love, but he even learned to be silent when necessary, because before he could not be shut up! Leonard finally matured and began to live as he wants, and not others, finally spoke out in front of his mother and they hugged! Penny, against her will, became many times smarter and from that girlie, who loves drunkenness and often changes guys, she became a woman. Yes, she even got pregnant, although she didn’t want to and it happened almost by accident, and yet she realized that it was joy, not grief. Howard became a wonderful father, flew into space and overcame his fear. From a boy, in his own way, he was transformed into a man. Raj began to talk to women, began to notice his mistakes in relationships and did not leave friends at the very moment when he could exchange them for the same one, as he thought every time, including this one, thanks to his friend. It is a pity that he was left alone without a pair, but this can also be understood, this is his trick, constantly finding girls, meeting, mowing and trying again, but after all, he even gathered his exes so that they would point him to him, albeit obvious ones, errors. Even though it was the hardest thing, but I’m happy for him too, because it’s better than he would leave everyone and in the end would not be happy as I thought at first. Bernadette was very worried that she would not become a good mother, because at first she did not even feel anything, but in the end all this came to her and it is nice to see that she was not right in this. Although children bring difficulties to her life, they also bring joy, which she tried to explain to Penny. Amy, like Sheldon, also changed a lot. Her style and behavior changed and in the end he became the beauty that she wanted to be, although she herself did not realize it. She also realized that she knew how to love and in the end got what she was waiting for and what she could not even dream of! Friendship is one of the main themes of the series. At the very end, Sheldon just noted that he himself would not have achieved anything and they, his friends are very important to him, and you can say that about everyone, but only he alone throughout the entire series could not come to terms with this and he could, because of this his speech was too touching and the ending turned out to be good. Someone will think that it was time to finish this series, but no, this is not entirely true. Previously, everyone had to take a promise that after a while, no matter what, they would meet at the same place, in the apartment of Leonard and Sheldon, where Penny later began to live, having changed places of residence with Sheldon. With this meeting, it was possible or rather even necessary to complete the series, to fantasize well, but to see what happened to them after a long time, the fans of the series would very much like, like me. I would also like to note that it is much more difficult for one to watch the series than with someone else, because you constantly want to discuss what has happened all this time with the characters, but this is rather just a recommendation. If there is only one “Young Sheldon” spin-off, then it will be terrible, because I would also like to know the future or past of the others, because the series is too unique and to end it now, when there are still a lot of questions left, it is very mean, in relation to those who have already managed to become attached to everyone. I don’t see the point in giving an assessment for the first time, because the series was too difficult to complete, and so it was too difficult, after all, there are quite a few characters and everyone needs to have time to reveal at least a little, but in their own way, the ending is good and, and for such series it is rare, most often the ending far from what those who watch it would like, this is a success, I think! The only joy is that no one bothers to review this series and laugh and worry again, because now there is an ending and there is nothing to wait, which means that you need to rest a little and go again, together with your favorite characters!

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