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Action & Adventure, Drama TV Series Scorpion (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 2017-09-24 by CBS Channel. Serial was created by Sam Hill, directed by Nick Santora, Nick Santora. Cast include Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, Ari Stidham, Robert Patrick. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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The series Scorpion season 4 tells about a group of geniuses who quickly solve the problems of all stripes. As a child, Walter O’Brien hacked NASA. So he first got into the system and began to work for the government. When he was sixteen, his program was used by the military to bomb Iraq, killing more than two thousand civilians. Walter could not reconcile with this and ceased cooperation with the feds. In adult life, the hero tries to find a use for his unique abilities, collecting a group of like-minded people from four people whose combined IQ is almost 700 points. Geniuses are good in their fields of activity, but everyday difficulties and communication are too complicated for them.

The story of an eccentric genius and his group of geeks. They are a think tank working for the National Security Service, and their task – to deal with difficult threats of our time: by connecting a laptop to a flying above the ground plane, or the salvation of the explosion of a nuclear reactor, to a showdown card games in the casino and save the children from a crash.

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sky time: 2017-09-25

TeamScorpion need to collaborate with their aged bane Mark Collins to protect against the termination from humankind. Also, Walter and also Paige unclearly browse their brand new partnership.



sky time: 2017-10-02

TeamScorpion remains to collaborate with their bane, Mark Collins, to protect against a termination celebration that might finish mankind. Also, Cabe’s late choice while on the instance causes the achievable end from his job.


Growa Deer, A Female Deer

sky time: 2017-10-09

Whenpoachers nearly eliminate an expectant imperiled deer, Team Scorpion reproduces the creature’s tummy to aim to wait and also its own little one’s lifestyle. Also, Happy and also Toby review the future from their loved ones.


NukeKids on the Block

sky time: 2017-10-16

Whiledeactivating an aged atomic rocket, an easy incident reasons Team Scorpion to survive direct exposure to harmful water vapor while aiming to protect against the nuke off mushrooming. Also, Paige faces Happy regarding frequently accompanying with her and also Walter.



sky time: 2017-10-23

Whileparticipating in a technology event, Team Scorpion is actually hijacked through a team seeking a digital robbery.



sky time: 2017-10-30

AtHalloween, Team Scorpion handles a situation to verify the life from ghosts on the Queen Mary yet discover an all-too-real calamity when they situate a “ghost ship” on a harmful clash. Also, Walter takes into consideration making note from Paige’s rate of interests to profit their partnership.


Goalong with the Flo( rence)

sky time: 2017-11-06

Whiletracking a tool that could protect against an atomic turmoil via the Los Angeles sewage systems, Walter discovers the distinctions from paying attention and also certainly not delivering recommendations toPaige Also, Team Scorpion finds Florence, their brand new next-door neighbor at the garage, after she delivers a mix from foul-smelling chemicals via their discussed air flow as a cautioning to always keep the sound down.


FaireIs Foul

sky meeting: 2017-11-13

ForSylvester’s special day, Team Scorpion sees an awakening festivity, yet the celebration is actually shortened when a team aims to burglarize a neighboring authorities proof closet. Also, Paige burns out from Walter’s play-by-play from all the historic errors at the festivity


It’s Raining Men (OfWar)

sky time: 2017-11-20

OnThanksgiving, Team Scorpion’s brand new next-door neighbor, Florence, joins all of them mixed-up on a purpose to damage a suspended isle from junk, yet her problematic addition leaves her, Walter and also Happy stranded on the promptly liquifying isle. Also, Toby deals with Cabe to find the particulars from his father brown’s fatality that he has actually subdued due to the fact that he was actually a kid.


CrimeEvery Mountain

sky time: 2017-11-27

AsCabe’s hearing towers above Team Scorpion, an easy instance goes sidewards when they assist a dad and also his child who airplane accidents close by. Also, Paige assists Walter browse his sensations regarding Cabe’s achievable future behind bars.


WhoLet the Dog Out (‘CauseNow It’s Stuck in a Cistern)

sky time: 2017-12-11

AsTeam Scorpion anxiously waits for the judgment from Cabe’s test which might deliver him to jail, they concentrate their concerned electricity on aiming to conserve a pet dog embeded a tank.


A Christmas Car-Roll

sky time: 2017-12-18

OnChristmas Eve, when Walter decides on persuade investing top quality opportunity along with his buddies, he collapses the staircases and also strikes his scalp, and also as he prepares cold, he goes into an aspiration globe where Team Scorpion certainly never existed.


TheBunker Games

sky time: 2018-01-15

TeamScorpion need to collaborate with Toby’s bane, Quincy Berkstead, and also his spouse, Amy, Toby’s ex-fiancée, when they are actually latched inside an unnaturally smart end ofthe world shelter that targets to eliminate all of them. Also, Walter is actually sidetracked through his current aspiration where he is actually wed to Florence, certainly not Paige.


Lighthousefrom the Rising Sun

sky partner: 2018-01-22

A photovoltaic tornado knocks senseless electrical power in Los Angeles, and also Team Scorpion need to assist a teen captain and also his sweetheart which are actually dropped over the Pacific without navigating or even broadcast connect with. Also, in the course of the situation, Walter need to care for a team from Ralph’s friends, and also Cabe aims to inform Allie eventually that he likes her.



sky time: 2018-01-29

TeamScorpion need to protect against an inbound tidal wave off reaching a prone atomic electrical power amenities, and also Toby privately assists his ex-fiancée get her taken identification.


Nerd, Wind and also Fire

sky time: 2018-02-05

OnValentine’s Day, Team Scorpion need to allot their enchanting plannings to aid a medical professional and also captain entraped inside a chopper that plunged atop a high-rise. Also, Toby and also Happy expect information on their productivity leads, and also Sylvester understands that he could possess sensations for Florence.



sky time: 2018-02-26

Thebrilliants from Team Scorpion develop into knuckleheads and also Paige need to streamline the scientific research for all of them, when their psychological aptitudes suffer in the course of a project to stop the production from a great void. Also, Florence and also Sylvester increase closer when she assists him along with an unique task.


DorkDay Afternoon

sky time: 2018-03-05

TeamScorpion unintentionally plunges a financial institution burglary ongoing and also is actually hijacked. Also, Sylvester’s sensations for Florence increase.



sky time: 2018-03-19

TeamScorpion visits the bayou to discover a wary alligator to quit a harmful mosquito-borne infection, and also Paige educates Walter the idea from the “white lie.” Also, Walter smash hits Cabe along with a depressant weapon and also Toby need to conserve his lifestyle, and also Sylvester and also Ralph aid Patty when the average women at her university push her to obtain a dreadful tardy lapse.



sky time: 2018-03-26

TeamScorpion need to utilize their higher IQs to succeed a competitive softball video game when the birthplace supervisor problems, along with every one of their potential authorities deals vulnerable. Also, Walter’s top secret evening out along with Florence places Toby and also Happy on upper hand.


Kennyand also the Jet

sky time: 2018-04-09

Paige’s mother’s edge enters into higher equipment when Team Scorpion should conserve a cold, hypothermic young boy embeded the steering wheel effectively from their air-borne aircraft. Also, Walter’s trivial untruth to Paige begins to have a cost on him, and also Paige understands one thing’s up.


A Lie in the Sand

sky time: 2018-04-16

SeasonFinale. Team Scorpion visits Northeast Africa where they need to thoroughly get through a minefield to conserve the lifestyles from regional citizens. Also, Paige and also Walter’s partnership has a surprising spin, and also Toby and also Happy bring in an essential choice.

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