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Comedy TV Series Grounded For Life (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 2003-09-05 by Fox Broadcasting Company Channel. Serial was created by John Blanchard, directed by . Cast include Donal Logue, Megyn Price, Kevin Corrigan, Lynsey Bartilson, Griffin Frazen, Jake Burbage, Gregory Jbara, Gregory Jbara. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.5/ 10.

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YourFather Should Know (1)

air day: 2003-09-05

AfterSean deals with Brad’s daddy, that’s showing off that Lily as well as additionally Brad have really relaxed with each various other, he deals with Claudia– as well as additionally discovers she presently comprehended. When Brad oddly gets damaged by an airborn Christmas style, everyone thinks Sean eventually lost his state of mind. The kids have really spent Sean as well as Eddie’s Liberty quarter collection, as well as Eddie is rebelled. Eddie takes the kids bent on reveal them a lesson worrying swiping from different other people– by swiping a toy tool that Henry loaded with quarters.


YourFather Should Know (2)

air day: 2003-09-05

Claudiafeels it’s time to smooth connections between both houses by having the O’Keefesover for dinner, nonetheless the evening breaks down when Brad’s mommy condemns Lily for taking Brad’s merit. Eddie programs Jimmy as well as Henry a lesson in valuing different other people’s business or property home after he finds out that they used his coin collection to play video game computer game.


Allthe Young Nudes

air day: 2003-09-12

Seanas well as Eddie utilize post professional dancers for bench to aid make ends accomplish– afterwards wind up being objected by the PTA. Just just what’s most spectacular is that developed the PTA on their tails. Brad asks Lily to harm up withDean Lily does not desire to injury Dean, nonetheless acknowledges, simply to find that he takes it much easier compared with she expected.


I Right the Wrongs

air day: 2003-09-19

Bradis bothered that Lily is degraded to be seen with him, so Sean intends to change his geeky image. All Sean succeeds in doing is inadvertantly acquiring an added student postponed from university … Which results in an in-bar dispute with SisterHelen Jimmy’s “” trademark””hair-length has really become an issue at university. Somewhere else, Claudia helps Eddie take care of an unadvised procurement he developed bench– by acquiring inebriateded with the customers. And additionally Lily confesses her collaboration with Brad prior to the entire university.


I Just Paid to Say I Love You

air day: 2003-09-26

Bradmeans a lovely day with Lily in New York City, nonetheless because of that one incident throws them off regular, the rest of the evening happens a catastrophe. Eddie harms a residence window in the needlework location, leaving it large open for a pet dog to stroll in … a pet dog which Henry needs to preserve as a family members pet dog.


S.A.T. as well as Sympathy (a.k.a. S.A.T. Out of Hell)

air day: 2003-10-03

Lilyas well as Brad stress and anxiety over their upcoming S.A.T. exams … as well as Claudia changes the SAT’s right into a rivals. Sean programs Henry a lesson in compassion by absorbing a homeless person (DaveSheridan).


PayYou Back with Interest

air day: 2003-10-10

AfterEddie gets an electric vehicles as well as vehicle to thrill a lady, Sean unwisely gives Eddie an auto loan without educating Claudia, which triggers her college enrollment check leaping. Brad locates a tatoo with Dean’s name, nonetheless Lily’s allure for her fathers as well as mamas to spend for her tattoo removal goes ignored.


Ticketto Ride

air day: 2003-10-31

Aftera night of partying, Lily stirs up with a terrible hangover, her parking lot on the patio area as well as no memory of specifically just how she acquired house. To program Lily a lesson, Sean as well as Claudia choose to market her vehicles as well as vehicle as well as have her indication an arrangement that she will definitely call them when she is additionally inebriateded to have. Angry at dropping her vehicles as well as vehicle, Lily asserts to be inebriateded night after night in order to make her fathers as well as mamas give her a trip house. When he provides Lily’s vehicles as well as vehicle for Sean, Eddie makes a considerable income.


SmellsLike Teen Spirit

air day: 2003-11-07

Seantalk to Jimmy worrying the birds as well as the; Brad accidentally sees Claudia naked.


BabyCome Back

air day: 2003-11-14

When Claudia is asked to do some modeling for a design electronic professional photographer,Seancomes to be jealous. She hurricanes out, leaving him to manage a restroom things party that she would definitely organized. Lily recieves her yearbook photos, which are distressing.


BeenCaught Stealing

air day: 2003-11-21

Seanas well as Eddie get to bench to discover they’ve been broken into. Rather compared to calling the police officers, Walt suspiciously requires cleaning. Lily as well as Brad spend a day at the shopping mall as well as end up in a fight, so Lily figures out that she’s going to go out with an added person.


( She’s Got) Kegs

air day: 2004-01-09

Seanmeans to probably to a Sex Pistols program, nonetheless Claudia should study for a college assessment as well as Lily has a clinical study job due, which leaves no one to delight in the kids. Lily leaves Brad holding the bag by preventing off to a frat party … where she runs right intoClaudia Eddie uses a bodyguard.


MyEx-Boyfriend’s Back

air day: 2004-01-16

Lilydisapproval her ex-boyfriend’s capacity to take place so without delay after she unloaded him; Eddie’s stand-up normal flops up till he consists of item from Claudia as well as Sean’s private life.



air day: 2004-01-23

Seanforgets to give Claudia a crucial message from her instructor; Jimmy hides the telephone cost to conceal his call us to a 976 number; Lily crack up when Brad does not call her for 3 humans resources.



air day: 2004-01-30

Throughouta lovely getaway at a hotel, Claudia as well as Sean delight in a full-grown flick as well as acknowledge it was discharged in their house; a lady harassing Jimmy might actually like him.


I Think We’re Alone Now

air day: 2004-02-06

Seanas well as Claudia effort to earn use an uninhabited house as well as spend some alone time with each various other; Lily comprehends that Brad is not a wonderful specialist dancer.


Can’ t Get Next to You

air day: 2004-02-13

Lily, Brad as well as Jimmy indication staying away assurances at university; Brad asks Lily to joined him; Jimmy discards whatever that encourages him of sex. Walt divulges that Eddie was birthed lefthanded.



air day: 2004-02-20

Brad’s (BretHarrison) dad, Dan (site visitor star Gregory Jbara), proclaims to have really been taking tennis lessons for several years, nonetheless, after Sean (DonalLogue) beats him at a tennis computer game, it is revealed that Dan has really been having an occasion as well as not taking lessons.


Meas well asMrs O

air day: 2004-02-20

Whenthe Finnerty’s throw Brad a birthday party party to take his mind off his fathers as well as mamas’ present splitting up, Sean secretly invites Brad’s dad to the party as part of his “” technique””to rejoin him with his spouse Connie (site visitor star Nancy Cassaro). Connie has really taken Claudia’s (MegynPrice) suggestions to “” get some,””which inspires her to look forEddie



air day: 2004-02-27

Claudiapicks not to include Brad in the household participants image; Claudia’s father-in-law (site visitor star Richard Riehle) gives her tale to his dead feline.


Picturesof Willy

air day: 2004-02-27

Eddieurges Sean to aid him get involved in his ex-girlfriend’s house to swipe embarrassing photos.


It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City

air day: 2004-03-05

Thiscollection might be far better:.

Seanis having trouble preserving bench to life as well as Claudia asks him to review running it. WithSt Patrick’s Day close-by Eddie intends to attract customers over from completing bars. Brad as well as Lily plan for the event as well as Jimmy is having trouble understanding the interpretation ofSt Patrick’s day.


Beaton the Brat

air day: 2004-03-19

Seantechniques amongst Henry’s bratty friends; Lily asks Brad to select between her as well as his geeky friends; Eddie uses a Jewish on-line dating option.


TheCheat Is On

air day: 2004-03-26

Claudiareplicates Lily’s university paper, simply to determine Lily plagiarised the essay. Sean suggestions to Sister Helen that Lily could have swindled, nonetheless he figures out much far too late that the university’s “” zero-tolerance””intend on disloyal could create Lily being gotten rid of.


You’re So Vain

air day: 2004-04-16

Claudia’s daddy, Tony, has really returned to the Finnertys for as well as treatment, and so on of the member of the family is actually mindful, with the exemption ofSean



air day: 2004-04-23

Claudiaintends to lower Sean’s hypertension as well as high blood pressure by running the household all by herself nonetheless whatever goes awry. Jimmy gets postponed from university, which activates a collection of problems all its own, as well as Lily as well as Brad damages her bed so they swipe the member of the family vehicles as well as vehicle … as well as get it took.


Geta Job

air day: 2004-04-30

Lilyis a lot less compared with happy worrying Brad’s new job, which is inhabiting all his time. Walt’s having problems situating task, so Sean as well as Eddie utilize him a working from bench … nonetheless they swiftly find that he takes control of. Jimmy’s at the age where he finds his mommy to be a pity, so Claudia sets out to bond with him.


SpaceCamp Oddity

air day: 2004-05-07

When Brad notifies her worrying a lady he as quickly as had a link with at area camp called Lana,Lilyhas her unpredictabilities. Brad, worn down of Lily thinking this, changes his Summer methods as well as boards a bus to area camp with a very lovable, as well as actually real,Lana

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