24: Legacy (season 1, 2, 3)

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Eric Carter went through many fights, visited hot spots, but the most difficult test for him was the liquidation of the head of a major terrorist group. After a successful mission in Yemen, the man decided to retire, and now he tries not to remember what happened.

However, 6 months after the operation, he is attacked by an unknown terrorist, the minion of a murdered leader. By miraculously surviving and destroying the enemy, the protagonist learns that each participant in that operation underwent similar attacks. One of his comrades died, and danger now hangs not only over the military themselves, but also over members of their family.
Realizing that he can not cope alone, Eric refers to Rebecca Ingram, the former head of the organization fighting terrorism. Rebekka was at the helm of the organization for a long time, but she also decided to leave to help her husband in building a political career.

Attacking former soldiers is a serious crime, especially provided that the data relating to that operation were strictly classified. Consequently, in the counter-terrorist organization there was a “mole”.
Rebecca and Eric have to return to a dangerous world, where they are daily hunting. It soon becomes clear that the headless terrorist group does not intend to surrender, and a new plan is already ready for it. The attack on civilians can turn into a million victims. However, the counter-terrorist organization and its current leadership do not intend to take active measures. The words of retired Eric and Rebecca, who left the organization, many do not believe. That is why the main characters have to largely act independently, using their long-standing ties. Against the background of everything that is happening, the protagonists are brewing problems in their personal lives: Eric’s wife is dissatisfied with his return to the slippery path of the war on terrorism, and Rebekah’s husband is not particularly happy about her new career problems. However, the terrorist threat forces the former military man and his boss to forget about the quiet life for a while.